Assessment Tools

Whether you are a leader committed to expanding individual core competencies and skill or enhancing the performance and productivity for your team or group, the following assessment tools can facilitate and accelerate strategic transition and results.


Strength Development Inventory is a proven tool for improving individual and team effectiveness and reducing the cost of conflict. It is a self-scoring motivational assessment tool designed to provide an understanding of what drives you and what drives others – an understanding that empowers you to communicate in a way that achieves results. SDI may be used in conjunction with other standard assessment instruments such as, Meyers-Briggs, 360’s, DISC or as a standalone option.

. PQ Strengths Inventory

The Power Quotient Inventory is an awareness tool that highlights individual strengths in four quadrants that impact and influence performance and productivity in work and life.

. PQ Genogram

Developed in 1978 by psychologist Murray Browne, the Genogram provides a generational snapshot of patterns and behaviors that may have been consciously or unconsciously passed down and reinforced from generation to generation contributing to how you live your life and manage your career. Simply by creating your Genogram you can gain insight into your behavior and be better positioned to choose what you want to do moving forward to achieve desired results.

. Assessment Result Debrief and Feedback

Assessment result debrief and feedback is strongly recommended for these and any comparable assessment tool (including 360’s, DISC, MBTI) to maximize the value of the learning experience, minimize disappointment, effect meaningful change and drive success.

Structure and Fee:

As these tools vary, please contact the office to discuss the appropriate tool and delivery structure. The fee will be determined, discussed and agreed to prior to commencement of service.