Strategics is the science and art of thinking, planning, and action. The Coaching Model is the platform.

What is Coaching?
Coaching is a confidential, collaborative partnership designed to assist clients in their personal and professional lives to produce fulfilling results.

What are the Benefits of Coaching?
Gain a fresh perspective.
Enhance decision-making skills and interpersonal effectiveness.
Discover the possibilities.
Develop strategic plans focused on defined goals.
Achieve successful results.

What is the Coaching Process?
Personal Coaching is an interpersonal, confidential, and collaborative process focused on identifying and attaining your goals. Weekly one-on-one sessions are conducted in person or via telephone, over an agreed-upon period of time. A goal can be as specific as preparing for a tennis match or a business meeting or as broad as discovering your passion. It can be as multi-faceted as finding a new career or more narrowly focused as saving $100 each month. A personal coach encourages, supports, and challenges you to take action toward identifying and achieving your goal and holding you accountable to the agenda you have set for yourself. Coaching is not therapy. Coaching is a partnership and collaborative process: You set the goal and the coach supports you in the process of achieving that goal. You set the agenda and you accomplish it; your personal coach provides the framework and assists you through the process. It is the coaching relationship that helps you achieve meaningful results.

What is Executive Coaching?
Executive Coaching is a contractual collaboration between corporate executive or organizational team and executive coach. Through individual or group sessions, Executive Coaching facilitates goal identification and strategies to develop and achieve results with the aim of enhancing professional performance, enriching personal satisfaction, and increasing organizational effectiveness.

What are the steps to get started?
Just one. Arrange a one-hour complementary session. We will meet in person or by phone to discuss and answer your questions, explore your situation and options, and begin to identify what you want to accomplish through a coaching relationship.