"I have experienced Barbara Russo as a Professor and a Personal Coach, and found her to be inspiring, realistic, and intuitive. She combines a logical, common sense approach with powerful listening skills. From a professional and personal perspective, Barbara is a gifted Coach!"
Carol Marcell
Management Consultant, Personal Coach – New York City

"I want to THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your confidence in me!!!! I can't tell you how much your classes have meant in my coaching journey. Your workshops are a lifeline!"
Josephine Rotolo
Typejcoaching, New York City

"I have had the fortunate opportunity to study with Barbara on a few occasions. She has the unique ability to break down a topic and make it accessible for her students to explore.
The TeleWorkshop struck a fabulous chord between content and discovery, structure and group participation. We were invited to examine and explore our skills in a safe and supported environment. I left the final session knowing that I had a better understanding of this rich topic with solid information to use and carry with me forward. Thank you Barbara!
Thanks again for the wonderful workshop."

--Ralph Bass

"Barbara's direct style is just the shot in the arm I was looking for. She is a uniquely gifted teacher and coach and weaves the two together seamlessly. I choose Barbara's tele-workshops because they are extremely informative and she knows how to challenge me. I may not always be comfortable, but I'm always growing."
-- Cathia Friou

“Barbara Russo has been my ‘professional/life coach’ for most of 2005. She has been a very strong influence in my life and success on many levels. Barbara has helped me focus my energies and thoughts to maximize my potential and my skill set. Through our weekly meetings and phone calls... Continue
Senior VP, Publisher SPORTSNET

I have known Barbara for many years, but it wasn’t until 2007, when I found myself at an impasse both in my career and personal life, that I decided to take the plunge and give coaching a try. Without really anticipating it, I have embarked on the most joyous, insightful journey of self-discovery and actualization, and I owe..." Continue
Mirla, Senior HR Business Partner,
National Employment Relations Technology Firm

"Last year, at 30 years old and with a wife and two young children, I had a realization about my professional life that I believed could make my whole life more fulfilling in the long-run, but that was not going to be easy to achieve. My realization …I had defined the term “success” wrong. With a career (and, as a result, a life) built around a definition that was not aligned with my heart, I had to figure out how to extract myself from my current situation... Continue
Michael, President
Real Estate Investment Firm

“As a professional sales person for a national furniture manufacturer, I sought the assistance of Barbara Russo to ramp up for a new career challenge. The time spent with Barbara in planning and setting goals for this new opportunity has enhanced my preparedness and accelerated my promotion to East Coast Regional Sales Manager. Barbara created a clear and concise goal-oriented environment, which allowed me to work through the process and create a results-oriented plan that I can implement when working with my sales team. Her focus on emphasizing the positive...“ Continue
East Coast Regional Sales Manager, National Furniture Manufacturer

“In the summer of 2005, a long- time friend approached me with an opportunity to merge our businesses. My challenge in moving forward was how do I take my 30-year business through such a transition seamlessly and move to the next plateau with ease and confidence. I sought the assistance of Barbara Russo. Her knowledge, expertise and skills as a business professional and coach proved to be invaluable...“ Continue
Principal, THINKSPACENY, Office Interior Solutions

“I have recently started a new job, but more importantly, I would like to tell you about an individual who has changed my life for the better. A few months ago, I started seeing a life coach and she is amazing. Barbara Russo is my life coach...“ Continue
Director of Promotions, International Fashion Magazine

“I just wanted you to know how much I valued the time you spent coaching me in my new business venture. When I decided to take on the role of franchise owner, the many daunting tasks involved in getting it off the ground was overwhelming. You kept me focused and held me...“ Continue
Owner, Curves Franchise

“I totally loved our Life Coaching sessions. You helped make things so simple discovering things that I wanted to accomplish, that I didn’t know I could. You really helped me see that I was doing the work. I was the one who knew what to do from the get-go. I loved the way you spoke over the phone. I felt you as part...“ Continue
Executive Sales Consultant, Global Networking Software Company

“After working for nearly 30 years, I realized that retirement was the next necessary phase of my career. However, the mental and strategic moves necessary to implement that phase seemed so alien and distant that I was unable to initiate any process toward that goal. Thus I spent 7 years working...“ Continue
Academic Surgeon